The American Gem Society's stand on business and professional excellence has been a force in the jewelry industry since 1934.
Its emphasis on the study and profitable merchandising of gemstones has spread acceptance of gemological knowledge. AGS is best known to jewelers and the public for protecting and educating the consumer by those member jewelers who have earned Society titles. Most Society activities involve the promotion of the title-holding jewelers. The constant commercialization of RJ, RS, CG and CGA makes these hard-earned titles useful tools in the marketplace.

For the consuming public, AGS provides professional and trustworthy retail jewelers. When jewelers advertise their membership as Registered Jeweler, Certified Gemologist or Certified Gemologist Appraiser, they are separated from their competition as the true and trusted gemologically trained experts. For the consumer, this is AGS' most important activity.

In order to implement this service to the consumer, the AGS provides many aids to its members. The AGS publishes an extensive array of colorful booklets and brochures on gems for distribution to the public. These contain interesting and informative discussions about gemstones and include a section underscoring the importance of a titleholder's knowledge, integrity and business competence. The same messages are conveyed in national promotional programs and in a newspaper ad service which the Society maintains for use of titleholders.

The Society distributes a monthly newsletter on its activities to all members. Also made available are copies of lectures and TV and radio scripts.

In the spring of each year the Society holds a membership meeting which draws hundreds of attendees from various parts of the United States and Canada. This annual Conclave serves as a forum for exchange of significant new information of interest to gemologists.

An applicant, either an individual or a firm, is not eligible for membership if it participates in any of the following practices:

      Representing itself as a wholesaler and selling to the consumer

      Placing its primary advertising and selling emphasis on credit terms rather       than the merchandise itself

      Following a policy of selling merchandise at prices lower than those at       which it is marked

      Not offering merchandise at the same price to all prospective purchasers

      Advertising an artificial price as the "regular price" and selling at a price
      "marked down" from this

      Employing the technique of "switching," that is, attempting to influence       customers to buy an article carrying a higher mark-up in place of the article       requested.

      Using the nomenclature of any nationally known gemstone grading system       without strictly adhering to the standards of that system

      Offering trade-in allowances in excess of the true value of the       merchandise turned in, or offering "throw-ins" or "give-aways" in any

      Using blown-up illustrations in its advertising, which enlarge one part of an       article out of proportion to other parts

      Deliberately misrepresenting its merchandise in anyway

      Concealing carrying or credit charges by an unduly high mark-up

      Operating a loan business

      Failing to adhere to all Federal Trade Commission Recommendations and       Bureau of Standards Definitions as they relate to the jewelry industry

      Failing to advertise in accordance with recommendations set forth by the
      Association of Better Business Bureaus

      Indulging in "sharp practices" which have the effect of deceiving                   prospective purchasers


To achieve the Certified Gemologist title, the individual must complete the following:

      Be a Registered Jeweler or Registered Supplier for at least one year, and       one of the following:

      Be a Gemology Diploma recipient or a Graduate Gemologist (contact G IA       regarding these diplomas).
      Be a FGA with GIA Diamond Program
      Be a Paris Jr. College graduate with GIA Diamond Program


Must be a Certified Gemologist and have an AGS accredited gem lab.

Certified Gemologist Appraiser exams are offered several times throughout the year & country, including the annual AGS Conclave. The exam is based on the Handbook of jewelry and Gemstone Appraising (available through Member Services Dept.) and successful completion confers the Certified Gemologist Appraiser title.

Under unique, specialized circumstances, with the approval of the AGS Examinations Board, a special written gemological examination (including diamond grading and gem identification examinations) may be requested in writing. This approach requires professional recommendations and a detailed resume.


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