Custom Design Jewelry


Make your idea come alive

Whether you have a design, a drawing, a picture or just an idea, come in to our design studio and sit down with us and we’ll show you how, together, we can create a one of a kind, custom designed piece of jewelry. Your loose diamonds or gemstones, jewelry items that you inherited, older items that you just don’t wear any more, or current pieces that you want to restyle, can become a family heirloom.

There are different ways to create a custom piece of jewelry. You can set your diamonds or gemstones in one of thousands of existing mountings to create your own look, set your existing diamond into one of Pugh’s existing diamond semi-mountings, or we can or we can help design a one-of-a-kind fully customized piece of jewelry by creating a digital CAD/CAM image of the piece we will be creating.

Full customization
Starting with the digital image you can make as many alterations to that design as desired until you feel it is exactly what you want. When that digital rendering is perfect, the file is sent to a machine that carves a wax or resin replica. The wax or resin piece of jewelry is the exact model of the piece you are creating. When the model is approved, plaster of paris is poured around the wax and allowed to harden, the wax is then melted out of the plaster mold in a burn out oven, creating a mold. The precious metal is then vacuumed into that mold and voila you have the unfinished mounting in which we will set your diamonds or gemstones. For the final touch the diamonds or gemstones are set and the item is finished out and polished to perfection!

Click here to see two recent Pugh’s Diamond Jewelers Custom Designs

Custom designed ring









There is nothing like creating a custom designed piece of jewelry that no one else in the world has. Check out the videos below and see how it’s done!



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