Precious Metals



Precious metals offer choices like no other all based on your preference and personal style. While gold continues to be the most popular form of high-class jewelry, platinum and silver are also in high demand.

Platinum has surged in popularity over the past ten years, especially in wedding bands and engagement rings. Platinum is a much more durable yet pliable metal than gold or silver. It is one of the toughest metals found on earth. Platinum jewelry is more expensive to manufacture than gold, and the value of it also fluctuates more than gold. Platinum is well known for its patina after being worn for a period of time.

Gold jewelry has always been in high demand as it can be paired with just about any stone and will be just as gorgeous. The most popular colors of gold are white and yellow, however some other colors such as pink (rose) have worked their way into the jewelry industry’s grid.The value of gold fluctuates from day to day, but it has trended at one of its highest points over the last few years.

This lustrous metal is silvery-white, and has recently emerged in the jewelry making industry. Palladium is ideal for wedding bands and other jewelry because it is light weight and is hypoallergenic. It is one of the three most popular alloys for white gold.

Please note: it is wise to always take your precious metal jewelry off before swimming in a pool that contains chlorine because it will compromise the integrity of your ring. It is also wise to store your jewelry in a soft cloth to prevent it from rubbing against other pieces of jewelry that could result in scratching.

Silver is a staple in the jewelry industry and the go-to metal for individuals everywhere. Silver must be at least 90% pure in order to be classified as sterling silver for use in jewelry. Some sterling silver jewelry is plated with a thin rhodium as a final finish and protection against tarnish or oxidation. The versatility of silver and it’s affordability has led to its ongoing popularity.



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