19144_8082_1345650746_831Aquamarine is emerald’s most famous sister. It is simply a different color variety of the mineral beryl. Greenish-blue to bluish-green beryl is called aquamarine. The advances of modern technology have made it possible, and very common, for aquamarine to be heat-treated to drive the green out of the stone and leave a more pleasing blue. This is a permanent treatment and has become accepted in the jewelry industry.

Comparing emerald and aquamarine, the latter is the tougher sister. Aqua is usually free from the inclusions that make emerald more fragile. It is often step-cut (emerald-cut) to show its color to best advantage. Aquamarine needs to be cleaned often to keep its brilliant sparkle. A thorough, soft brush scrubbing with a commercial jewelry cleaner or liquid detergent and water is sufficient if done after every three or four wearings.
Making a wise purchase
Since subtle differences in quality can make large differences in beauty (and price), it is important to select your jewelry from a professional who can guide you honestly and ethically in your purchase. At Pugh’s Diamond Jewelers, we will help you find the Aquamarine piece of jewelry that best suits your fine jewelry taste. Many gems are processed to enhance their natural beauty. Ask your Certified Jeweler to discuss which techniques might apply to the gem of your choice.



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