Garnet is a rainbow of gemstones. With the exception of blue it is found in every color of the spectrum. It may have the red of fine ruby or the green of rich emerald. The garnet is a family of gems rather than a single gemstone. Most garnets are readily available in fine qualities, so a wide selection is available at affordable prices.

Best known among the garnets are the deep red almandine and pyrope garnets. The almandine is what most people think of when garnet is mentioned. It is a dark, slightly brownish or violetish-red. The pyrope tends to have less brown in it. Fine quality pyrope may be confused with a dark ruby, but medium quality looks much like almandine.

In the late ’60s a new garnet was discovered which made green an important garnet color. This is the tsavorite, named after the Tsavo region of Africa. Its color may resemble a sunlit meadow or the finest emerald. The increasing scarcity of fine emerald has contributed to its importance. The very rare demantoid variety of andradite is an emerald green with diamond-like fire. Uvarovite garnet may also be emerald green, but it is found only in tiny sizes. Continuing its masquerade of the world’s most precious gemstones is a translucent green grossularite which resembles fine jade.

Many gems are processed to enhance their natural beauty. Ask your Certified Jeweler to discuss which techniques might apply to the gem of your choice.




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